What to Do with Your Car When You Move


Have you ever been driving around one of the mainland states and seen a car with license plates from Hawaii? You may have wondered, “How did that car get here?” or “How much does it cost to ship your car from Hawaii?”

If you are making a move between or to Hawaii and moving your cars to the new location is an important consideration and is a high cost. The cost of shipping a vehicle for the 50th state begins at around $1,000 in the case of West Coast residents and increases to $2500 or more for those who live further east.

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling across the world to be thinking about the most efficient way to transport your vehicle from the old one to the new one.

A lot of people are confused about the best way to move their car when moving. To help make the process easier for you, on this blog, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of the most popular options for moving your vehicle.

Drive It

For many who are planning to move to a new home, this is the most obvious and simplest way to move their vehicle to their new residence. Movers load their vans with your belongings and drive towards your new residence, and then you drive off in the same direction as your car.

If you’re driving by yourself, it is important to plan your journey and set a budget. You must estimate how much you’ll pay for these common costs of a road trip:

Pre-trip check-up on your vehicle. Don’t miss this step! It will cost you more upfront. However, it can save you lots of money, time, and anxiety by preventing your vehicle from crashing in an unfamiliar area.

Gas. Find out your car’s average gas mileage as well as the distance between your previous home to your new one. It is also important to research the current prices for gas in the major cities on the way, as they can be very different.

Food. If your new house is less than a couple of hours away from home, you’ll likely eat in the car. It is recommended to take a break every 3-4 hours to grab an ice cream or larger dinner.

Lodging. Moving trips that are long could last many days, so you should make reservations for hotel rooms along your route well in advance.

Tow It

Are you in need of moving several vehicles? It is possible to tow one vehicle behind another.

If you decide to go this route, ensure that the towing vehicle is equipped with sufficient power. It might need to pull the vehicle in front of it on steep hills.

Additionally, both vehicles could contain some of your personal items in the trunk that adds weight.

There are two options for trailers towing vehicles:

Tow Dolly. This kind of trailer for vehicles can lift a car’s front two wheels off the ground. Tow dollies tend to be more affordable. They are suitable for smaller-to-medium-sized front-wheel drive vehicles.

Car carriers. The type of trailer is placed underneath the car and has wheels of its own. It’s more secure for long-distance moves.

Perhaps getting to your new residence isn’t possible. It could be necessary to move into the new city as soon as possible, or you’re scared of traveling cross-country with small children and pets that can be a bit feisty. If that is the scenario, you must look into the alternatives to moving cars below.

Ship It

This is the most popular option for those who do not want to use their cars when they relocate.

Before calling for quotes, you must gather the information needed to allow each company to give you an accurate estimate. Calculate the weight of your vehicle as well as the distance between your start and destination point and the dates that you’ll be moving between and out. Also, consult your insurance provider whether the policy you have is able to protect your vehicle during transport.

When you contact for quotations, Be sure to inquire about the following:

What are the drop-off and pick-up alternatives Are the drop-off and pick-up options. Shipping companies might offer to take your vehicle from your home and then deliver the vehicle directly to your front door. The convenience is greater. However, it will likely cost you more as well. You could also need to drive your car to a terminal and then pick it up from another terminal.

If shipping is closed or open. A car shipping company could transport your vehicle using open-air trucks, similar to the ones you’ve seen taking several cars to dealers. It is possible to opt for an enclosed vehicle that gives your vehicle more protection from the elements and road hazards. However, enclosed car shipping is around 60 more.

What is the insurance policy of the company is. Even with a reliable company, you could encounter difficulties on the road, which result in damages. This is why you must inquire about this matter, regardless of the coverage your auto insurance policy provides.

Store It

If your move is temporary, storing your car might be a better solution instead of bringing it with you. Many people find this option to be feasible when they are facing the prospect of a military deployment or shift to another country to work.

Contact local storage providers and inquire about their rates and services for storage facilities for vehicles for a long time. You don’t require anything extravagant. However, you’ll need an area that is secure and where your vehicle isn’t at risk of theft, exposed to elements, or more likely to suffer damage.

Sell It

If there is no way that any of the options above interest you, then you could sell your vehicle. It’s usually an option that is not a last resort. However, it could be an option in certain circumstances. It could be that your car is old and insecure. Perhaps you’re considering purchasing a new car in the near future, regardless. You may be concerned about the stricter emissions and safety requirements in a different state. In such situations selling your car could provide the most hassle.

After you’ve viewed the various options available, now is the time to make a decision on which car you’ll use after you decide to move. Think about your needs and decide what you think is the best option. It is possible to compare prices on a variety of choices (for instance, driving or shipping).